fix(build): disable externalLiveBindings in rollup

`export * from '@testing-library/dom'` was causing issues where commonjs
imports would cause an error:

TypeError: Cannot set property fireEvent of #<Object> which has only a getter

Due to Rollbar adding a non-configurable property on `exports`

Setting `externalLiveBindings: false` uses simple assignment instead of
ts v3.0.1
Jason Staten 5 years ago
parent 1b837f2e21
commit 7a9357e7c3

@ -10,7 +10,12 @@ const pkgDependencies = Object.keys({
export default {
input: 'src/index',
output: [
{file: pkg.main, format: 'cjs', sourcemap: true},
file: pkg.main,
format: 'cjs',
sourcemap: true,
externalLiveBindings: false,
{file: pkg.module, format: 'es', sourcemap: true},
external: [...pkgDependencies],